They are doing goals, I already met the first one, painting my slaves to darkness start collecting box

Week 1

So there is a campaign going on, week on has a “dilemma” which basically says bad stuff’s gonna happen, you feel it in your generic dilema I get it, not really doing much yet.

This week we need to get our heralds, I have mine, the darkoath warqueen who was lost to sigmarites in our first game, judicators piled on her and despite her shield’s magical protection, she bought the farm. Had I used my portents and maybe assigned an item like the beguiling gem, she  may have survived.

I’ll have to bring her next match now that I know more about her in combat!

(No idea what I am supposed to do with my card, emailed, gw asking, hopefully they get back to me.) I don’t want to miss out on some promotional model where I have to pay an ebay scalper 80-120 $ for it. that garbage is wrong.

Week 2

is this weekend, not sure what’ll go down, probably bringing unpainted models or at the least partially done models to the table. We’ll see, depends on who all will be there. Definitely going to try and get more rest so I can utilize my pp a bit better!

Week 3

Had to take care of medical stuff so I skipped this

Week 4

Misssed out had baby stuff to do.

Week 5

hopped on down to the local gw shop to participate in their painting thing. Sadly 3 others were there but my manticore got third in their ranking, so I am ok with that, Wish more people showed so I could oggle their models. Hung out for several hours painting my nnnnNECRONS!!!

week 6
fluff update saw the warqueen killed unceremoniously, which is a shame a slaves to darkness sorely needs more love!