This is the third version of this post I am tired of retyping it. The wordpress app sucks, I have a bunch of images to upload but the stupid app has crashed steadily for a month.

I will do a separate post on my storage.

So why put washer and magnets on my bases? because my hand shake, so I weigh my basses to mitigate my misplacement of my models. Also being able to carry all my models on a tray they stick to, I am able to carry my models around with reduced risk of dropping them, more on that in another post.

I typically work in several sizes

“penny bases” for things like familiars etc.

I use a penny and a self adhesive magnet.

(0.8″ diameter x 0.08″ thick)

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25-32 mm

<image missing>

“M10 1.5mm 304 Stainless Steel ”

<image missing>

40mm round

1 14m washer, centrally located

“M14 Flat Washer, DIN 125A, Stainless Steel”

<image missing>


typically I will repeat the same method as I do on 25mm but placed in a pattern.

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For magnets
I use rare earth fridge magnets in a size of 6mmx2mm(w/h), as anything stronger I sometimes have issues snapping ankles.
and cheapo self-adhesives for my penny bases:
<image missing>
Ok, so your bases are magnetized, what do they stick to? well, I used 20 gauge steel that cut from sheets bought from a hardware store. some people like the ferrus plastic “magnetic” sheets, these are ok, but have weak hold. They are only lightly magnetic if they are at all. often times simply metal impregnated rubber.