July was a weak month, we went on a family vacation so RCL work was minimal.

July Theme: living | dead.
so I did a lich.
New release. there was not a lot of interesting stuff coming out this month so I painted a piece of terrain that was in q3
Gideon the undead hunter. I really wanted to push my OSL. This model is dark except where there is light.
Limited pallet
a pair of worms for rangers of shadow deep. the orange glaze makes the skin look translucent.
barrow rats. NO IDEA what I’ll use them for but I now have ROUSes
charles the mugger
Troll. Did 3 others but that wasn’t in the duo so they are not here.
Extra duo
Daruis the blue, this bones USA had a lot of issues with seams everywhere. You can see I Missed several, I don’t care I painted him anyway. moving on
Extra duo
monique denoir, I always loved this model so I was eager to paint her again. I was particularly amused that ChDAVI and I did polarized paint schemes. WHAT FUN!
bandit knocker