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Colors of blackwater congregation

Mostly when painting for blackwater, my own little pocket of immoren, I stick to blacks and browns, any leathers would be dark in color as they are often partially ruined from floodwaters. Any feralgeists can vary with no uniform style to them anything from glowing green to piles of discarded gore from gatorman hunting camps….

Croak raiders

tihis Like the rest of my gators my frogs are based on more louisiana wildlife.. the american bullfrog, froglegs are a popular food where I am from… This is a WIP picture before I added cypress knees to them, but it is a good shot of my OSL(object source lighting) More pictures to come later

Steve’s gatormen(the blackwater congregation)

A lot of people have been interested in my gatormen as of late, it was probably going to happen so I wanted to make a blog post about them As a person raised in south Louisiana I grew up around a lot of wildlife and was lucky enough to experience such things up close. I…

Painting leather

So, I mentioned in my Ogrun bokur tutorial, I needed to do a little mini tutorial for how I paint leather. I do a sort of wet blending thing. In Colorado, the air is dry, so I work in what I call a “puddle.” So I try to work from a pool of water +…