Paint to a level that you can and are comfortable with achieving. I have 0 golden daemons, Crystal brush awards etc. i do however have HUNDREDS of painted models. And that makes me happy. In the end, it you are happy, then you are happy

The ubiquitous “thin your paints meme,” mocking bad paint is actually not that bad, at table top level, it’d look great!
And that is ok!

“Perfect is the enemy of done” just do it, put paint on the model. People have cellphones and post pictures which effectively are looking at your models through a magnifying glass. They are upset that their models are not as good as “studio” paint jobs.

Look at the top picture you’d be fair to say “she needs a touch up. And i did give her a touch up, but, look at the way she looks on the table! She looks amazing!
This is my “standard,” most if not all my warmahordes models were painted to this level. People would say stuff like, “no one is going to see all that detail. “ my response was “I do, and if I didn’t it would bother me.”

of course the same guy use to say “all steve cares about is painting!” And various other caterwauling about the consequences of his life choices. Don’t be that guy.

This is just about personal bests. The most successful people do not chase the accomplishments of others but instead do their best.