scenarios dowload here(week 1 only)


Inspired by the AOS book path to glory and lacking all rules for a proper 40k version I have set out to create a getting started for warhammer 40k. The concept is each week players add units to their roster slowly building towards 70+ powerlevel(which should be close to 1500 pts!). This way players can build up armies over time reducing the sticker shock of buying and painting an entire army in one go. also it should help with figuring out “what do I need” which is a common question for starting players

Specified detachment:

Following the campaign rules we would typically start at the patrol mission(page200). However, we are starting at 250 so we will roll a d3(d6/2) each match, this will determine the week 1 mission.

Restrictions, unless otherwise specified:

  1. Warlord traits and relics cannot be taken
  2. Detachments limited to specified detachment
  3. No strategems beyond the S.W.A.G stratagems(found under advanced rules at the bottom of page:XXX) may be used
  4. No tactical objectives may be used
  5. No faction rules(chapter, sept, dynasty, house, etc)
  6. Staying within the specified scenarios for that week
  7. NO CHARACTER models
  8. NO additional DETACHMENTS

Armies are expanded by power points, each week, players are allowed to increase their force organization selections by 1, using a power point.

What are the S.W.A.G strategems:

  1. 1CP
    1. “command re-roll”
      • “you can reroll any dice”
  2. 2CP
    1. Counter-Offensive
      • “Typically used right after an enemy unit has chargered. select one of your own eligible units and fight with it next”
    2. Insane Bravery
      • “you can automatically pass a single morale test(this must be used prior to taking a morale test)”

The goal is to result in a full army by the end of a few months. Played weekly each player has a week to complete/purchase additions to their force as they go!

Week 1

  • points:250
  • required
    • 1 hq
    • 1 troop

Week 2

  • as of now faction specific rules allowed
  • points:500

Week 3

  • as of now faction specific stratagems allowed
  • Points: 750
    • get a vehicle in!

Week 4

  • as of now warlord traits are allowed
  • Points: 1000
    • starting now, you may use the following detachment:

Week 4

  • as of now relic selection(s) allowed)
  • Points: 1250