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Slaves to darkness and the 4 gods.

Recently, some knucklehead was making the argument that we cannot  have”cults” to the various gods in warhammer  fantasy, which is patently untrue. via the allies and keywords mechanics, you can pair your slaves to any chaos god you like. In this example I explain how to make a “bloodsecrator” work the warriors of chaos:  …

Slaves to darkness unit thoughts 1.26

I am making this post to log what I learn about units as I field them in the hopes it’ll help other slaves to darkness players as well as a way to organize my thoughts. Forgive the terrible photograpy, this is not my job and gw might come down on me if i repost their…

Slaves to darkness

play this while reading: AOS(age of sigmar) is the latest edition of gamesworkshop’s warhammer fantasy universe. Many players(including me, initialy) were and are turned off by the overly gaudy models with their garrish paintjobs and oversaturation of visual detail. I realy hate how over the top and needlessly huge the “new stuff” is. either way….