I am tired of all the arbitrary rules on what is and isn’t hate speech. IMO hate speech needs to have hateful context. They simply scan for no-no words and I will not have my very speech controlled by a bunch of emotional children playing power games so I am done with facebook. If you wanna chat and were a friend on fb you can ask my wife on fb for my google contact. This social control shit is going too far.

I WANT TO PREFACE THIS THAT I AM NOT STANDING UP FOR TRUMP! IMO HIS BEHAVIOR IS A CAUTIONARY TALE ON HOW TO ALIENATE YOURSELF! HOWEVER, I do not see the man as racist when there are countless blatant examples available that are being ignored. I grew up in the south i am familiar with real racism. Don’t tell me your bs example of institutional racism and how no one can can be racist to “white people” I never considered myself white but got enough garbage over it growing up or whatever. I don’t care and apparently will ” NEVER UNDERSTAND” I have problems you will not understand. I have had to deal with medical stuff that an extremely small portion of the population has any idea of, let alone LIVES THROUGH.

SO I AM DONE! Just fing doing with “social media.” before anyone recruits me for their
“team,” I am no partisan but hate the “left” with a deep passion for my own reasons “you would not understand!.”