Outside of obvious differences like weather and geography, I have to say I am still mixed about this move. IT was a bitter decision that I made as I feel the south is the best place to RAISE a child over colorado, IF you can afford to make trips out of the south.

So far people have been predictably equal parts ignorant and polite. It makes me sad to see how sloppy shit is. There is no silver bullet lesson I can say I learned from my time in colorado. I have been giving tremendous amounts of thought to the differences I see here vs colorado.

Whatever, the state can go to “hell in a bobsled” to borrow a colorful expression from a friend.

There are goods and bads of all places, while many opinions I hear in conversation are brilliantly ignorant and the issues here glaring. I am happy to at least be where people speak freely even if some of the opinions are ignorant and stubborn. I prefer open ignorant people who at least MIGHT change their view instead of the stubbornly indoctrinated leftists I experienced in COLORADO! Despite the fact that I met many people I will miss, I have to say the colorado culture is largely dictated by what the “progressive left dictates.”  I have many observations about why this was good and bad but none of them are worth raising my bloodpressure over.

one thing so far that does make me irate in Louisiana is police and school zones. I am only making note of this to get it out of my head. WHY?? We never encountered much issue from it in denver yet in my new small town traffic is backed up for miles while a couple of angry cops hold up traffic for what?