I am making this post to log what I learn about units as I field them in the hopes it’ll help other slaves to darkness players as well as a way to organize my thoughts.

Forgive the terrible photograpy, this is not my job and gw might come down on me if i repost their pictures…

Thoughts of the units for slaves to darkness as of 2/15/18:

Your solid reliable infantry!

This unit has to all use the same weapon options! so your options are kinda a big deal as they are kinda spammy(5-30) some planning is required!

  1. 2 chaos hand weapons
    3+ to hit and rerolls on 1s makes this unit a strong hitter!

    1.  Pros:
      1. gets a reroll on 1s, due to berserker ability!
    2.  Cons:
      1. no mortal wound saves though, if you already have a reroll on 1 the ability nrisn’t that great!
        1. This unit has to all use the same weapon options
    your most middle of the road option! 4+ to hit and a save!

    1.  Pros:
      1. has mortal wound save on 5+
    2. Cons:
      1. weak hit rating
    3. to hit 4+
    4. wound 4+
  3. halberd and shield
    best to use these en masse if you want to make the most of their 2 inch reach to counter act the 4+ to hit.

    1. Pros:
      1. has mortal wound save on 5+
      2. (2 inch) melee range means has a great striking range, making positioning less of an issue!
    2. Cons:
      1. fairly vanilla option, the only key benifit being the 2 inch range, which is great if you are bad at position but you will need all your guys in range with a 4+ to hit.
      2. weak to hit rating(4 or greater)
      3. conversion work needed (I used a dremel to drill holes in hands and the dark elf executioner blades, some use the chaos knight spears) or buy the finecast bits
  4. chaos great weapon
    heavy hitter option, sacrificing reliability and resilience

    1. Pros:
      1. has a rend score! WOO!
      2. decent would rating of 3+ and rend
    2. Cons:
      1. Weak hit rating(4 or greater)
      2. Requires conversion work or finecast bits, recommend the finecast upgrade bits!
    3. to hit 4+
    4. wound 3+ with rend -1
      1. why is rend important? it reduces the enemy save rating, before if they had to roll four or better, it is now 5!
  5. Suggestions:
    1. I go with 2 chaos hand weapons most of the time!  I like hitting stuff! I use these a lot! GOLD STAR ETC!
    2. if you have enough bits and the skill to do the conversions, are on an open table with the manticore lord in your list, best to run mass halberds because rerolls are awesome and 2 inch melee means you going to get a lot of hits in! I have 1 20 man unit of these 🙂


Chaos chariot, gorebeast version

hits like a truck and just as awkward

  1. Pros:
    1. great model with lots of attacks, potentially devastating ability(gorebeast charge, link to warscroll)
  2. Cons:
    1. sucks to assemble,
    2. it is a big model and positioning/movement can result in a lot of jamming up!
  3. suggestions
    1. paint in sub assemblies, as in rider, driver and chariot should not be glued together until they are painted. otherwise it would be difficult.
    2. give it a great blade!
    3. keep the horse bits, order a rider lowerhalf on ebay for future conversions for sorcer/chaoslord on horse.

Chaos lord on manticore

a great support model and a big meaty chunk to head your army)

  1. Pros:
    1. Lots of attacks
    2. solid model with a decent wound count
  2.  Cons:
    1. Not very heavy on rending
    2. fairly weak attacks(most deal 1 damage)
    3. No mortal wound dealing on a high point model.
  3. Suggestions:
    1. do not glue in the lord, you can always switch between this and the chaos sorceror on manticore should you NOT glue in the rider
    2. get a shield on him, a save vs mortal wounds is huge!

Chaos maruader horsemen

Weak fast horsemen

  1. Pros:
    1. Chaos has little in the way of ranged options, skirting along with my javelins!
  2. Cons:
    1. Weak, will get rolled right over so don’t expect them to stand up to heavy charge!
    2. does not have the CHAOS WARRIOR keyword so manticore lord cannot use his  lord ability to give them REROLLS! LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!
  3. Suggestions:
    1. Give them javelins, why not? they don’t last in combat, at least get shots in!, build min units so you can skirt around easier! always build your command(horn blower, horsemaster ,icon bearer doesn’t do anything but I mke him anyway, because he looks cool!)
    2. Don’t forget your horsemaster has a to hit on 2+!
    3. don’t forget your hornblower gives you +1 to run and charge rolls!
    4. Don’t forget your horsey(say that like this) has attacks!

Chaos knights

medium cavalry can hit solid, fairly reliable big dudes

  1. Pros:
    1. solid unit, with moderate speed
    2. good weapon selections
  2. Suggestions:
    1. build min units if you have mobility/positioning issues.
    2. always build your command(horn blower, doom, knight and stadard)
    3. If you expect lots of hordes, the manticore lord ability plus ensorcelled weapons is NASTY and their horde units will likely get tarpitted!
    4. Don’t forget your doomknight has a to hit on 2+!
    5. don’t forget your hornblower gives you +1 to run and charge rolls!
    6. Don’t forget your horsey(say that like this) has attacks!
    7. don’t forget these are big fing dudes that cause fear in nearby(3 inches) enemy units that receive a -1 debuff to battlshock rolls!

Exalted hero of chaos

savage combat model that relies on being the first one in for charges(alpha charge) and a few extra abiities for anti-hero assassination!

  1. Pros:
    1. Looks awesome!
    2. on charge can do a second set of attacks, making the hero’s attack count 2-12 attacks on charge!
    3. if you get the old crom model you still have a WARSCROLL AND POINTS IN AZYR!!! so you get a twofer with that model!
    4. abilities like glory hungry axeman(+1 to hit heroes or monsters!!!) and thrice damned dagger(double attacks next combat if he killed a hero!)
  2. Cons:
    1. 5 move so getting into charge range for the alpha charge goodness can be iffy!
    2. Does not have shield modeled on unless you get the old crom model, take one of your chaos warrior shields and give it to him!



Chaos lord

if you can maintain perspective and demons don’t bother you( this model will need a few things: Chaos spawn demon prince)
Why: he has one bound inside a weapon that can really turn things around

  1. Pros:
    1. Has a possed blade that can be unleashed for 1 swing a game, if it hits, holy heck it is strong!
    2. Can transform into a new model if it kills the enemy general
    3. has a GREAT command ability(if you go with moc: khorne(re rolls 1s on to hit):
  2. Cons:
    1. requires other models(chaos spawn and demon prince) for gameplay.

Daemon prince

because if the chaos lord kills the enemy general you can swell up into this dude!

  1. Pros:
    1. Heavy hitter
    2. fun model to assemble!
  2. Cons:
    1. tends to go down easily, does have a 4+ save but not a lot of wounds

chaos spawn

big hunk of random meat!

  1. Pros:
    1. random attack and move count 2-12 attacks and the same for movement
    2. decent wound count for the cost
    3. fun model to assemble!
  2. Cons:
    1. random attack and move count 2-12 attacks and the same for movement

STUFF I HAVE NOT USED YET BUT WANT TO! I try to play painted so I have a lot of “things to try” that I don’t field until painted.. and things that are painted and not tried yet). Most of my experience was in path to glory, which limits you to specific subfactions instead of say, general chaos alliance.

Chaos sorcerer lord

this does not come khorne flavored that is the the slaugherpriest. Didn’t run him because my “high fantasy saxons” were a death cult who worshiped WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

Chaos slaughterpriest with hackblade and wrath-hammer

closest thing khorne has to a sorcerer

aspiring deathbringer

Chaos warshrine

probably use him with my marauders or other horde type stuff that is not warriors of choas!

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version 1.26 updates the warrior of chaos entry to now include relevant stats about weapon hit and wound probability