Black templars
– the angriest space biggots
– my reason: because sometimes F YOU! has to be said to people
Iron warriors
= dark bitter dudes
– my reason: because sometimes I want to be all about the numbers with complete disregard for life as we respect it!

both factions are also factions that blazed their own path, said F the man and struck out on their own. Differing circumstances made them roll off the main body of the imperium. They also are seen as heartless. I am a sensitive and caring person, I get fed up with people’s bs and need a way to vent. rather than be that person irl, i’d rather choose a faction that allows me to express my exhaustion of people and their bs.


-rugged individuals who are fighting battle for dfiferent reasons
– it is a jank army and requires actually knowing how to play, and you suck steve. Does it look like I care? Each loss to me is a loss for my characters, they dust themselves off and stand back up, coming back for more. if you don’t know that about me, you have not met me.
-axe, to, face
– but you HATE communism, I do, and the bolshevik look alikes die in droves in my armies, so I am ok with loosing troops
-born and raised in louisiana I have a love of the fauna here. gators are alligators.
– but they are “evil” I don’t care, alligators!

So 40k is a mental break and release from the things that weigh on my heart and warmachine is the side of me that likes to fight.

most of the factions I play, templars, iron warriors, mercenaries, all blaze their own path. I respect that. The “good guy” factions, like cygnar, ultras etc, have no real struggle and have everything handed to them in their stories, In before nuhuh, yeah ok, sure.