I personally have loved magnus as a character since I read about him in mk1(the first edition of warmachine). He always reminded me of my dad, which is pretty cool. A man who earned his knowledge of machinery and forged his own path, like all mercenaries a rugged individual. Anyway, reading about how he was once the right hand of the king and was fighting to see what was right restored. In the recent novel blood of kings, we find magnus vindicated and leaving it at that to not post spoilers. D

oesn’t hurt that I have always liked the name magnus…

Info about magnus:

Developed 2 of his own warjacks!

Mechanically adept can repair various warjacks.
injured in battle walks with a limp, has an enhanced mechanical arm!
Survived as a small time warlord working for hire in the world of immoren
Still exiled, but savior of his homeland

In the game
a fairly armored caster, but slow all that strength comes at a price
Great spells
great utility


Privateer’s info on him

Starling cadavers’s writeup – one of my favorites!