As with last month, I participated in the reaper challenge league.

First was my duo with Mint rose.
Next up was my trio with BetteHime and clavicus81. she painted the fresh catch in the bucket and gave me that pic also to post.
“filth beast” aka poop monster.
I painted him as my “scales and spines” theme entry but then I loved the little guy so much…
My character entry: “Liriel Silverlocks”
Feb new Release: Khanag the Slayer
I am keeping his base for an altar piece of scatter terrain.
Monster: Grave horror
Limited pallete: blue, yellow, magenta models are the cthon aka grik
Trio #2: crimson herald
Trio 3: Ogre Chieftan
funny story, I spent a week and a half looking for this ogre only to find him day before he needed to be done on my lamp. painted him in around 4 hours.
Freebie/shelf of shame: d&D wild cat I painted as a mountain lion.