So within the challenge league there are challenges for each quarter on top of the monthly challenges.

This was the first quarter of 2021

Q1 seasonal: spring spirit.

Q1: diorama: nativity gift.
this was done as a christmas gift but since covid made it hard to get it to the person I wanted to, I was able to put in some extra time making the creche something that could be broken down.
This is the set broken down int it’s components. if you look closely at the roof next to the ‘l’ and ‘r’ there are steel strips added that are then attached via rare earth magnents.
Bust: spanish noble
Never painted a bust before but this was painted to later add weathering as a scenery element.
Q1 large monster, earth elemental
Intended for golem hunt Frostgrave mission 🙂 I figured he was picking flowers peacefully if the darned adventurers would leave him alone!
q1: contest mini avatar of rage.
yes, I did under lighting for the lava. The necklace is never attached so I added a green stuff string. I have NO use for him but I enjoyed painting the lava.
Q1 kitbash THE ALOT
using the reaper cave bear as a base. Don’t think it is my best work, but in our hobby, sometimes you gotta do challenging things to push yourself.
Q1 large group: Blue moon
what a fun group of painters, loved seeing them doing neat stuff! I was already painting like 6 were wolves for my beastiary.

At the end of each quarter a drawing is done, I won nothing but some of my buddies did and that made me happy to see them win stuff! Maybe one day but for now, as cliche as it may seem, the big win is always getting stuff done, the friends made along the way and all the fantastic painting I get to see!