So, may was a crazy busy month, dumbgeon and I even got in a duo of duos!!!

I also did several “popups” and some other quarterly goals saving that for the q2 post. This is gonna be a huge post as it is.

Character entry
Sir Branor

frustrating mold shift on this model, this is the fourth one, i just got fed up an dremeled it off
Theme: angels and demons

as usual, i did both for my entry because why the heck not?
IMEF bulldog
gonna be a stargrave warbot
Limited pallet
a bit of a cheat as i just applied what i learned from the fire and ice challenge.

I had these hellhounds and meant for them to he “magmites” but they are sized for d&d, and that makes them too large so they sat on my table as i am loathe to throw anything away. Either way. Painted 2 sets, took me maybe 10 minutes.
New release
my third davi

why so many? Frostgrave gives you an optional few free models of thugs or thieves, my wizkids models are closer to 20mm scale
docdan needed someone to do the fire giant jailor. I hate giant models, but the idea of a fire and ice duo interested me..
DUO of DUOS!!!

dumbgeon and enjoy painting together so much we decided to get a little crazy..
giant snake I needed 2 more for rangers of shadowdeep, and i submitted the better of the 2 as my entry with James

if you would like to see more of his work this is his instagram:

lord iron raven
In warlord this is a captain non unique so, i have 3, so the idea that of mine would be part of of a trio both in rcl and irl tickle me terribly
lady alcia
finally got my brown hair formula: charred brown base, a band of auburn shadow a thinner band of blond hair, then a few well placed vertical stripes of creamy white!