So much that i had to finish up for Q2 on top of my monthlies and my kids started swim lessons in the morning, so no night painting, most of the month i could only paint when my kid was taking his nap. Oh well, it would not be a “challenge,” if it was easy!

Sir Malcom

another sergeant for warlord, so I had several, as usual i take it to 11 by painting 3 at one time!
Requis death warden
He is gonna be necropolis cavalry, i hate horses. Dude is giant af, horse sized, big ole chonker! OH LAWD, HE COMIN!
Theme companion
Limited pallet

with this all my cherubs are done!!
new release
the last davi!
somewhere in a hidden nook in the loft, tara the first hides. In order to get this done, i had to order a second tara. 🙁

at least i got to practice my “medium tone” that i worked out for my q2 seasonal!
Trio entry