Ok, so, for some reason you have to pack a bunch of models, someone is moving or you have to make room, or something else.

In 2017 I had to move across county, with mixed metal, resin and plastic I was worried something would be damaged in transit. This is more or less how I packed away everything for that move.

You will want to gather up many of your smaller lighter models
Find a suitable box with ample room for whatever big models you might also have to place with.
cut a piece of bubble wrap about 3 x as wide and 1.5 x as long as your box.l ay part of it with a bit around the sides.
Folding it on its self you will create a cushion on the bottom to protect from dropping. and pad against the weight of successive layers.
being placing with the bases along the creases.
Then fill in the middle with the models facing down or sideways where they are laying as flat as you can!
Then place a layer of buble wrap on top
You may have heavy metal models, cutting strips of bubble wrap lay the metal model on them.
roll them up.
Place them bases outwards. as before but do not fill in the middle, this is to create a “void for larger models.
fold the excess over the models packed around the sides.
place a layer of foam down and then put your larger models on the dip you just created.
Pad between them with bubble wrap
If you still have room on top, again, layer bubble wrap and place more models around the edge, again, bases outwards.
finally put a few extra layers of bubble wrap on top where it is about 1/2 an inche taller, press the lid down gently and tape the hell out of the box. In this box’s case, I taped over the blue straps and on the sides of the lid. GG! you are ready to move them!