General post on priming miniatures.

When prepping models for priming, I place 4-5 depend upon size on a paint stirrer stick, usually available fairly cheap but I reuse the same 10 more or less. I affix them to it with some blutac(doesn’t have to be this brand but any similar product)

Singular models that require better angles get attached to pill bottles.

Then take them outside to prime, letting the primer cure for a few hours then do a light spot spray for angles I missed before bringing them inside.

Special notes

Always give it a light wash in soapy water using some kind of dishsoap. It seems to take all primers just fine.

There are those who insist on painting all reapers bones without primer, I disagree with this approach. Reaper bones can be primed. The “bonsium” material, which looks to be getting retired is particularly fussy about priming. If you do not shake your primer well enough, the chemicals will be mixed poorly and it will never full cure. also certain primers like citadel(games workshop) tend to get rather sticky


Reaper miniatures as of this year has begun to roll out a new material dubbed bonesUSA as it can be done in the USA so that is obviously a bonus. It seems to take ANY primer just fine, has greater detail and is generally fairly flexible while maintaining just enough stiffness. as of now, it is my favorite material to get models in.