“shelf of shame”
With 2020 being over, I felt my toilet paper mimic needed to get the hell off my desk!
“new release”
The exciting first BonesUSA model. has the bendability of soft plastics but details of resin AND will take any primer now! This was sent out for free with all reaper orders of $40 or more.

She’ll be my end of the year comparison model.
Broderick a crusaders captain.
“limited pallet”
The rules required blue, pink and green. We were also supposed to only use reaper paints so I did this using my citadel white and black but because this is all fairly new, they let the only reaper paints rule slide a bit.
this is the “robokity” a crusader angelic beast brought to smite the foes of whatever god they worship.
“fire Ice theme”
Did these two in white primer and tried out some tests to see how decent the reaper Master Series line of paints could do fire and ice.

There are duo and trio themes were 2-3 people paint the same model to see how they do them.

The reaper ghoul. Fun stuff looks like clavicus and I did the same reaper triad “undead skintones” I did some purple in my shadows.
reaper flesh golem I had sitting in the box.
“Duo Extra 1”
She will be an apothecary for one of my frostgrave warbands
“Duo Extra 2”

Warg, dunno what I’ll do with him but opted for super natural racoon look.

This was definitely fun, will keep doing this for a bit to see where it takes me.